Performance and Video Art

The Best Way To Get Rid of Wrinkles!
Doctors hate her!!!

Boyfriendless + Begging
"Did you know that 40% of boyfriendless women you see on the street are actually schizophrenic?" Tired of being single, I took my problems to the street and opened up to strangers on the train. This is my very public interpretation of my personal struggles with insanity and the loneliness of New York City.

Put the boyfriend where your mouth is
A call to all my friends to live up to their words that I deserve a boyfriend / they're going to set me up with someone, or else...

Everything I Can Remember from a Single Viewing of Good Will Hunting
A stream-of-conscious written piece in which I try to recall the entire plot of Good Will Hunting. The work weaves in and out of the past, present, and future as I unintentionally personalize the different characters in the film.

The Big Explosion Thing Over There
One army captain is hellbent on defeating the ultimate enemy: the big explosion thing over there.

Cosmo Preacher
Preaching the gospel for getting a boyfriend.

The Signs in the Snow 
A short film (shot on 16mm) in which a lack of communication between five roommates opens up a chasm between fantasy and reality. 

After receiving an invitation to her 10 year high school reunion, one woman struggles to overcome her anger at her former classmates. Hailed by critics as the movie that "defines a generation much more than The Social Network," Conditioning is an uncensored peek into the vast loneliness of our culture. 

Favorite Things
A 21st century re-examination of the phrase "a few of my favorite things."

Fuckingham Palace
"It'll actually has nothing to do with fucking!"

Little Lost J
Naked, bearded, and crucified. This video contains explicit content--of me, specifically, so consider yourself warned. The password is "blackmail" (don't).

The "Can You Give Marcus a Boner" Competition
"this is for all the ladies that think they're fucking hot shit, but i bet you can't even give me an erection. if u think u got what it takes... then try my contest!!! you friends may tell u that ur hot, but my dick never lies."

The Transcendentalist
Meet Julian the Transcendentalist. I hope you like him. No, I hope you love him! PLEASE! LOVE HIM!

Why are you looking at it???

Stop / Go 
A collage of images and sound representing the life of an artist. Ideas, friends, and reality compliment and interrupt one another as they compete for attention. 

The Feline Insecurity Experiment

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