BF2014 Campaign

BF2014 originally started in 2013 as a multi-platform campaign to find a boyfriend by 2014, but was quickly extended through 2014. Since 2015, it has been subsequently extended into the limitless future. Tweets by @BF2014

Put the boyfriend where your mouth is
A call to all my friends to live up to their words that I deserve a boyfriend / they're going to set me up with someone, or else...

Boyfriendless + Begging
"Did you know that 40% of boyfriendless women you see on the street are actually schizophrenic?" Tired of being single, I took my problems to the street and opened up to strangers on the train. This is my very public interpretation of my personal struggles with insanity and the loneliness of New York City.

Cosmo Preacher
Preaching the gospel for getting a boyfriend.

Makeup Tutorial for Dating in NYC
Finally! A modern makeup look for the hook-up scene in New York City.

The New New Colossus
"Give me your tired, your poor, your schlubby masses yearning to breathe free..."

The New New Colossus from Julianna Schley on Vimeo.